Because the world needs better photo frames

Discover Ferme, where handmade meets timeless style. Our premium, wood & metal photo frames are responsibly made with utmost love and beautifully crafted to the highest standard of quality.

Gift these timeless pieces of art to yourself or someone special!

Perfect for gifting

​Upgrade your gifting game with Ferme

Looking for thoughtful gifting ideas? Look no further! Our premium wood & metal photo frames are beautifully designed to last long and serve as a truly meaningful, significant and unforgettable present. The option to personalize each frame with a special photo that comes in our signature packaging, creates a timeless gift that will always be remembered and cherished.

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Unboxing nostalgia

Unboxing should be a delightful experience. The moment you reveal the frame, you know it's not just another thing you're holding but a gateway to cherished moments and stories. This simple gift evokes memories of good times and the special moments captured in the photos it will soon hold, making unboxing a truly sentimental and nostalgic experience.

Share your stories!

Every story deserves to be celebrated. We love seeing how you setup your photo frames. Share your own unboxing experience & the final setup with whatever you have framed, on your insta stories & tag us for a chance to be featured on our Insta handle & win exciting offers. Join our community of Ferme enthusiasts and celebrate Indian art, proudly!