How it all started

...Once upon a time, there was a photographer named Manie. He had a knack for capturing perfect moment in every frame, but when it came to finding the perfect photo frame for his clients, he was left disappointed. Determined to give his clients something special, Manie decided to take matters into his own hands. Frustrated but undeterred, he decided to embark on a new adventure – designing his own photo frames. That's how Ferme was born!

He started designing his own photo frames, pouring his passion for capturing moments into creating frames that were as beautiful as the memories they held. He wanted each frame to tell a story, just like his photographs did. And so, Ferme became a reality.

Drawing inspiration from the natural beauty that surrounded him, Manie envisioned frames that would not just encase photographs but would elevate them to a new level of artistry. He carefully selected the finest materials, choosing natural wood to impart warmth and character to each frame. He collaborated with some fine local artisans, infusing their craftsmanship into every piece.

A company founded on the belief that a photo frame should be as unique and meaningful as the memories it holds. The frames became more than mere enclosures; they were handcrafted works of art, each telling a story of love and celebration.

"Our frames are not just crafted; they are woven with love, making them not just a beautiful addition to your home but a meaningful and timeless piece of decor that resonates with the essence of the moments they hold. Join us on this journey of transforming memories into art, one frame at a time". - Manie